FINALLY! A Proven Way To Earn Income Build Long-Term Financial Freedom From Forex Without Doing Any Of The Trading Yourself!"

"13 Year Veteran Trader Does All The Work FOR You!" 

FINALLY! A Proven Way To Earn Income From Forex WITHOUT Doing Any Of The Trading Yourself!

"13 Year Veteran Trader Does The All Work FOR You!" 

 Discover A Proven & Trusted Trading Service With 13+ Years Of Expertise To Help You Create Passive Income From Forex...
Totally Done-For-You Forex Trade Copy Service!

 We've Helped Thousands of Investors Just Like You Generate Passive Income - With This Completely Done FOR You Forex Trade Copy Service

From Will Simpson

Founder of ForexCopierPro

If I offered to show you...

  How to SAVE TIME and never feel the need to check charts or be chained to your computer screen again.

  How to MAXIMIZE YOUR RETURNS without needing to worry about predicting trends, keeping up with news, or worrying about world events.

  How to experience total PEACE OF MIND knowing that a seasoned professional is trading your account for you (using his proven formula)

  WITHOUT needing to wait months or years to see a return on your investment.

  WITHOUT needing to be a Forex expert or have a million dollar portfolio to get started.

  WITHOUT needing to obsessively check your accounts or worry whether today's news will crush your profits.

Would you take me up on that offer?

My service Forex Copier Pro has just opened up availability for busy professionals just like you who want to make steady gains with forex but do not want to spend the years necessary to become a forex expert.

We've helped 1,000's of people just like you over the past decade learn how to grow their portfolio, experience total peace of mind, and enjoy our totally done for you trading service.

Are you next?

With this one of a kind service I will trade your account exactly like I trade my own account!
Nothing is held back. I use every tool and technique I know, based on over 13 years of forex success (including my time learning from the institutional side of trading) FOR YOU!

This completely managed service copies my trades to your account so YOU can make maximum returns with literally ZERO effort!


- Trevor B, Australia 

- Robert

- Tony P 

Let's get this out of the way ...


This is not right for you if you are ...

 THE PRETENDER who talks a good game at parties but has never consistently succeeded with his own forex account.

 THE SUBMISSIVE who needs to ask his wife for her permission before making a decision.

 THE OBSESSIVE who checks charts every 14 seconds because he's afraid the market will move and he will miss it.

 THE GET RICH QUICK JERK who makes a killing in his account once and then brags about it endlessly for years to come.

 THE PROFESSOR who can answer any Forex question you ask but can't quite create success for himself in the real world.

 THE KNOW IT ALL who wants to tell you how to trade your account even when his own account is in freefall. 

 THE PENNY PINCHER who likes to brag about how he "beat the system" by getting some impossible to believe deal. 

 There’s a reason ... people like this do not stay the course long enough to make a profit.

 There’s a reason ... people like this start and then quit over and over again.


 You know how to HIRE A PROFESSIONAL and let her or him do their job. After all, you don't second guess your mechanic or doctor, right?

 You know that SELF RELIANCE does not mean that you have to do everything yourself. 

 You know that having it all does not mean doing it all. You do what you do best and hire others for the things you need done.

 You have enough experience and wisdom to KNOW WHAT YOUR TIME IS WORTH and are willing to hire others to serve you.

 You VALUE YOUR FREEDOM and are not willing to become a slave to a computer screen just to make money in the markets.

 You understand that THE WORLD IS CONSTANTLY CHANGING and only a full time professional can truly stay current in the markets.

 You KNOW BETTER THAN TO WASTE TIME on non productive tasks like mowing your own lawn or repair your own cars.

  There’s a reason ... people succeed with our done-for-you Forex trading service.

  There’s a reason ... an amazing 97% of our clients stay with our service.

Hello my friend ...
Because you are on this page I know a few things about you already. 

    Most of my clients are successful professionals who are either still working or recently retired. They succeeded in their careers because they have the drive and focus it takes to create success. And they also have expectations.

    They require results, which is exactly what I deliver to them.

    This is why over 97% of my clients stick with me for the long term. 


    You did not get to where you are in life by wasting time. You value your time and know that time is precious.

    You know that your time is better spent living your life, making happy memories, and getting the most out of every day ... not spending countless hours hunkered down in front of a computer screen monitoring trades and news.

    You probably don't mow your own lawn, repair your own car, or clean your own pool.

    So why spend needless time learning complicated trade techniques when I will do the work for you?

  • ​YOU KNOW FOREX CAN WORK ... but it's not working as well as you'd like. 

    You may have downloaded some cool software or even follow a signal service. But you simply don't have the time to follow every trend, keep up with news, get every trade update and login to make the trades.

    If you know Forex can work but have not made it work there is an easy answer. Let me do the trading for you using the exact same research, signals, and trades that I make in my own account. 


    And finally I suspect you have made the decision in your heart that becoming a full-on Forex trader is just not going to work out for you. 

    But you know Forex can be profitable and you want the profits. If that's you, read on and learn how you can put my 13+ years of successful trading to work for you!

 You See, 

There’s a reason ... that not just anyone can succeed consistently with Forex. 

In fact, 

Most people who trade their own Forex accounts fail to ever achieve their goal of consistent profits regardless of world circumstances. 

They don't understand how markets move and how to find opportunity in ANY move, up or down.

They spend countless hours watching signals and trends, failing to take decisive action (because they are inexperienced) and end up saying "Forex isn't for me". 

I can free you from this torment and help you achieve steady profits without spending ANY of your time on your account. 

Let me emphasize ... without spending ANY of YOUR time trading in your account. 

Here Is What Current Clients Have To Say?

-Robert, Japan

- Michael, Singapore

Your time IS worth money, right?

They say that time is money but in reality it is worth SO much more than that. 

Spending time is how we make memories. It's how we maintain our health. It's how we grow. 

So why spend your time on Forex trading when you can hire a trusted professional (me) to do the trading for you?

And even better, you can rest easy knowing that I will be trading your account using the exact same tools, experience, and insights I use to trade my own account. 

I will draw on my years of experience learning from the institutional side of trading and use every trick in THEIR book to make sure you stay in steady profits. (More about this a little later)

The bottom line is simple - I will put my 13+ years of successful Forex trading to work for you! 

How did I achieve a 97% renewal rate on this service?

In just a moment you will get to hear from my actual clients. But for now, I need to share this because it is vital to your success and peace of mind.

It's true that I have a 97% renewal rate. What that means is that 97% of my existing customers renew their service every month or every year. 

It's actually an unheard of number in Forex. 


It means this - you are not taking a chance when you join my Forex Copier Pro service. 

Far from it. 

You can rest assured that many others have proven just how valuable this service is by becoming clients. 

And a whopping 97% of them stay with me for a very long time. 

They stay because it works. 

They stay because they do not need to put in ANY effort to make consistent steady returns. 

And they stay because they know I will handle their account the same way I handle my own. 

I believe you will stay for the same reasons.

But who can you trust?

Knowing who to trust is one of the hardest things about trading in general. And when it comes to Forex you need to be very careful because there is so much hype out there.

You already know that institutional traders are not telling you the whole story. They reserve their very best information for their "premier" clients. You know, the ones with the $100 million dollar portfolios.

Here are some reasons why my clients trust me and feel safe with me trading their account for them. 
  • I show my actual results you can track my account by clicking here
  • ​I am accountable and reachable.
  • ​I've been on the inside learning from institutional traders.
  • I have succeeded with Forex for over 13 years.
  • I post trading results weekly to my YouTube channel.
  • ​I communicate privately with clients like you every trading day.

Creating a passive income stream with Forex is easy for me ... So let me do the trading for you!

You know how some people are just good at a certain thing

Artists are born with their talent inside them. 

As they practice and are taught they go from good to great. 

It's the same for musicians, scientists, and a wide range of other giftings. 

And that's exactly how I am with trading, specifically trading forex. 

For some reason I just understand how to trade, and trade well. I can see the trends. I "geek out" on the statistics. I love numbers. 

That is why I am so grateful for having been able to learn from institutional traders! 

My time learning from insiders of the trading world taught me valuable lessons. Perhaps the chief among these lessons is that the entire system is rigged to help THEM win.

It's not designed for your success. It's designed for their success. 

If you know how to play their game, and can understand the rules, then no one can stop you from profiting from the system they built. 

This is exactly why you want me trading for you. 

Not only was I born to do this (it's what I love) but I've spent years inside their system, learning how it works so I could work it for my own gain. 

And now you can put that experience to work for you! 


When I say "totally passive" here is what I mean. 
Totally passive means that I do the trading for you. I do the research, the trading, and take every step in your account that I take in my own account. 

What my existing clients love about Forex Copier Pro is this - they set it and forget it! 

There really are only three steps ...
  • You join the program - I guarantee you will find my rate for this to be amazingly affordable.
  • ​We set up your account together - This is super easy and we can do it in less than one hour. I'll walk you through it step by step.
  • ​I trade your account for you and you earn the returns - My exclusive Forex Copier Pro service will literally copy my trades to your account so you can earn passive returns!

Total peace of mind!

Listen, I get it. We are talking about your investments here. And very few things are more important than your investment accounts. 

Having learnt from institutional traders, and now having traded forex successfully for over 13 years, I get that your account is important to you. 

That's why I go the extra mile to make sure you have TOTAL peace of mind. 

I do that in three ways. 
  • Daily Updates - I update all clients every day on where things stand. 
  • Private Telegram Group - I run a Telegram group just for clients. I use Telegram so I can broadcast updates to all clients every day with one message. It's efficient and effective.
  • Personal Access - Most of my clients don't need to talk with me often. But when they do they can rest assured that I'm here and very responsive. As a Forex Copier Pro client you will have that same level of personal access.

Here is exactly what I am offering you

If you have read this far you already know what we're talking about. We are talking about you fully automating your profits from forex by letting me trade your account for you. 

This exclusive service is called Forex Copier Pro because I will literally copy my own trades, including every detail, to your account. 

I will trade your account exactly like I trade my account. 

But what I'm really offering you is so much more. 
  • Totally Passive Returns - If you are like me you have heard the term "set it and forget it" so many times that it's almost hard to believe anymore. But you can believe it today because this IS truly set it and forget it. I do the work for you!
  • ​True Peace of Mind - Say goodbye to wondering if you are missing something. Or if you need to learn more before forex becomes profitable for you. You can outsource all of those worries to me right now by selecting your service.
  • ​A Proven Track Record Of Results - You already know that 97% of my clients renew their service. And you know that I learnt from successful institutional traders. And that I've traded forex successfully for over 10 years. For these reasons and more I share my trading results every trading week on YouTube. 
  • ​Insider Knowledge That Can Only Be Earned - If you had years to learn forex, and if you were willing to go inside the belly of the beast and be an institutional trader, you would know what I know. But why do that when you can hire that expertise right here and right now.
  • ​Obsessive Detail To YOUR Trading Account - I'll say this again because it's important ... I simply trade your account just like I trade my own. And you can be darned sure that I pay extremely detailed attention to my own account! Just like I will for your account!

Here is who I can help the most

The clients who fit this service the best have some things in common. 

If you can relate to these statements, you owe it to yourself to order today and let me get to work trading forex for you so you can achieve the passive profits you have dreamed of.
  • Their time is worth money, and they know it - My clients are generally busy professionals (in a wide variety of professions) or retired.

    They have made it to the place where they can afford to let a professional do what he does best so they can live their best life now.
  • ​They need someone they can trust with their account - My clients know that the game is rigged against them. They know their broker holds back his or her best information for the "whales" who have millions to trade. They want an inside edge but don't know who to trust.

    When they find me, 97% of them stay for a very long time.
  • ​They do not want to take the time to learn forex - Some of my clients love to "geek out" on charts and graphs. They like trends. But they are too busy to spend the years it takes to really learn forex.

    That's why they let me trade for them.
  • ​They don't want to obsessively check charts all day long - My clients understand trading concepts, they know that markets move, and they know that there is opportunity in that movement. But they can't be pinned down to a computer or smartphone all day long, looking and endless charts and graphs.

    They have too much living to do for that!
  • ​They do NOT want to miss an opportunity because they are busy - Nothing hurts more than seeing a trade in the making and not having the time to place the order or otherwise follow through. Or having a hunch and then seeing that hunch pan out but never having the time to take action. 

    With my exclusive Forex Copier Pro service you will never miss an opportunity again!
  • ​There are some things they simply no longer do for themselves - As I've mentioned, my clients are busy and successful. That's why they gave up things like mowing their own lawns, cleaning their own pools, or repairing their own cars. Sure, they did those things when they were "coming up"

    They recognize that outsourcing these things to professionals just makes sense. 

How to know if this is not right for you

I'll be candid - there are certain people who are not a good fit for Forex Copier Pro. 

Let me save us both some time and make a list of people who are not a good fit for this service. 
  • The Obsessive - Listen, I get being a little bit obsessive! I love charts, numbers, trackers, and more. But this service is made for those who value results over methods. 
  • ​The Get Rich Quick Junkie - If you are looking for a "business opportunity" this is not for you. While this service can create impressive results quickly (that's my goal!) it is not in any way an MLM or business opportunity. This is professional forex investing.
  • ​The Secret Student - I love interacting with clients and do that every day. But the person who wants me to "talk them through" how and why I traded for them the way I did is not a great fit. You are putting my 13+ years of forex experience to work for you!

What are the costs

When it came time to put a price on this service I'll admit to getting a little stuck.

After all, what is your free time worth to you?

What is spending more time doing what you love worth to you?

And how much would the people in your life - like your family and friends - feel is fair if they got to spend more time with you. 

And then there's the peace of mind. And the high returns! 

You can see why it was hard to come up with a number. 

I knew I had a choice to make. 

Scenario #1 - Get as much as I possibly could, knowing that people would pay because they were in the dark about forex and wanted a pro to do the work for them. 

Scenario #2 - Make this service as affordable as possible so I could serve more clients at my highest possible level. 

Service doesn't reach a higher level than done for you! 

So I added up the time it takes me to know exactly what to trade, when to get in, when to get out and more. 

Then I considered my 13+ years of experience. And the institutional experience too. 

At that point, my research revealed that I could easily charge $1200 per month without hesitation. 

It was tempting. 

But I somehow could not get comfortable at that number. 

So I sharpened my pencil and went to work on Scenario #2. 

What I discovered actually took me by surprise! 

My numbers showed that I could provide an incredible level of service, support my clients like I would want to be supported, and avoid working 20 hour days ... 

... and I could afford to charge only $129 per month!

I was stunned, but excited.

And I knew the Forex Copier Pro service would be a hit. 

I was right. 

In fact, it's so popular that I have to offer Forex Copier Pro by invitation only. 

And if you are reading this right now, you are invited! 

But act now because I reserve the right to take this page down without notice. 

It’s time to decide

Is Forex Copier right for you? Only you can decide. But I want to help so let me ask you these three questions. 
  • Is your time worth money?
  • ​Do you want to make passive profits with forex?
  • ​Will you let me prove it to you?

I'm ready ... are you?

If you answered yes to even one of those questions I can say without fear of error that this service is for you. You're going to love it! 

And if you answered yes to all three (most clients do) then let me encourage you to act right now. 

I'm putting a big blue button right under this line so you can get started today!

It Is Important To Act Now

As I've mentioned already, this page is open only during the time when I take new clients. 

Since you are reading this, that time is now. 

Are you ready to let me trade your account for you?

If you said yes, click the button above and let's get to work. 

If you are still not sure, take a look at questions my clients have asked and see if you find what you need there. 

I very much look forward to working with you!


There’s Also A Reason Forex Traders

 Struggle With At Least 2 or 3 of the Following…

 They simply do not have the time it takes to stay current.

 They work for a living and need to focus their attention on their careers and not on learning new trading techniques.

 They’re being lied to by endless YouTube videos and Facebook posts that make Forex seem so easy a 4th grader could do it.

 The have careers and family that need and deserve their time and attention. Forex profits are great but not at the cost of their families or career advancement

 They get distracted by some new gimmick that catches their eye and pause their Forex trading for too long.

 They have a loss that discourages them and suddenly the time they need to invest seems like it's not worth the return. 

The list can go on and on, but I’ll spare you the “Magna Carta” of symptoms I could lay out. 

Most of which I’ve personally experienced throughout my own journey.

Now, Not Every Trader Is Going To

Experience EVERY One Of The Symptoms I Just Laid Out.

But the truth is, 

Each symptom is connected to at least 1 of the 4 dimensions to a man’s life, and most men are struggling with at least 2-3 of those dimensions at any given time. 

“What Are They?”

  BODY (Health and Fitness)

  BEING (Spiritual Connection to a Higher Power, and/or Yourself)

  BALANCE (Connection Inside of Your Marriage, and with Your Children)

  BUSINESS (Profits, Systems, Sales, Marketing, Leadership, and More.)

I don’t know, Brother? 

Maybe you have one of those dimensions locked down. 

Or maybe you’re like I was?

 In a place where ALL 4 Dimensions of Your Life are Spiraling Downwards, Out of Control and Hitting Every Obstacle on the way down...?

At any rate, 

Whichever symptoms you are or are NOT experiencing... 

...My question to you is this,

What Do You Think Causes All These Symptoms?

It can’t just be a coincidence that the majority of married businessmen are experiencing the same type of shit, right? 

I mean, 

For something so widely spread amongst one group of men...

...wouldn’t common sense say there’s gotta be a “Shared Defect” that’s fucking all of us up? 

“YES” - Common sense and basic logic would clearly dictate that line of thinking.

And they’d be correct. 

But what is it?

What’s the “Shared Defect” causing all the Chaos In Our Life? 


 While society scratches their head trying to figure all this shit out with medicine and “safe spaces”…

 Politicians are twisting it into fucking talking points… 

 Churches might skim the surface of the issue...

...if they even dare to bring it up...

 ...and most men justify these life-sucking symptoms as, “just the way life is sometimes.” 


I've Got The Real Answer.

I know what causes married businessmen to get trapped inside a world of destructive behaviors that sabotage their business, marriage, and health...

...but I also know the way out. 

I want you to know something…

I Found “The Cause” And “The Way Out”

The HARD Way

It was NOT because I was special in any way. 

It was NOT because “God” told me. 

It was through my own demise and destruction that I was left with little to no choice but to find out how I got there, and how I was going to escape. 


I wasn’t always the man I am today...

 I’ve been at the crossroads where my wife, my kids, my finances and my businesses were hanging in the balance...

...dangling by a thread. 

 I was burning my businesses down to the ground one by one. 

 My body was unraveling, riddled with disease, sickness and injuries, and I didn’t know what the fuck to do about any of it. 

 I was pissing money away on stupid investments and material bullshit that I thought made me look and sound like a bad-ass motherfucker.

I was just a scared boy trapped in a man’s body who was growing tired from running away from myself.

 Vodka became my “Right Hand Man”...

...and every night we’d hang-out in my basement where he’d do his best to help me forget about my dwindling businesses and how disconnected I was from myself, my wife, and my kids. 

 I cheated on my wife. 

 I ignored my children. 

 I relied on drugs to manufacture confidence and energy when, in reality, I was running on empty.


I found myself trapped inside a confusing world where I was constantly cutting my own legs out from under me...

...with destructive patterns of behaviors that pushed me further and further AWAY from the man I wanted beand AWAY from the man my family NEEDED me to be. 

And it was through my own bullshit - and the painful process I went through to learn how to rise and break myself out of that world... 

...that I discovered the cause of what trapped me inside this world, and the map that led me out. 


It took me a decade of hard-work, sleepless nights, and racking up multiple 7-figures worth of investment to uncover the science of the Warriors Way...

...and then I had to build a practical system that I could apply the science inside of to become the man I wanted to be.

Since then, I’ve been sharing this system with thousands upon thousands of men who have used it to escape their own world of stress, pain, lies, anxiety, mediocrity, and underachievement.

Each man coming from totally different walks of life with challenges as different as the gene pool they came from… 

And yet the ONE THING holding them hostage was the EXACT SAME. 

It didn’t matter if they were the founder of a Fortune 500 Company, or a car salesman. 

It didn’t matter if they were 35 years old, or 60. 

It didn’t matter if they were on the brink of suicide, or just confused why they weren’t making as much money as they wanted. 

The Circumstances and the Symptoms didn’t matter. 

The enemy at the gate preventing all married businessmen from accessing the man they want to be is the exact same. 

What was it?

The SILENT Cycle of


Here’s how it works... 

It BEGINS with the confusion and frustration you’re experiencing by your lack of results. 

 Whether it’s the lack of sex you’re having. 

 Or the lack of money you’re making.  

 Or the lack of connection you’re feeling to your kids or God. 

 Or the lack of health, strength, confidence and energy you’re feeling from your body. 

Whatever it is, 

You Begin to Question

Why Your Life Is NOT Working.

“Why am I still making the same amount of money as I was this time last year?”

“Why is my life filled with so much stress, chaos and anxiety...and I can’t seem to get control of any of it?”

“Why am I procrastinating so much on the shit I’ve been trying to get done for months?”

“Why is my focus all fucked up and I find myself drifting off into social media and stupid shit that’s a complete waste of my time?”

“Why are my teams and businesses full of chaos and dysfunction?”

“Why are the profits in my business and personal bank accounts full of turbulence and hemorrhaging money?”

“Why am I blowing up at my kids for acting their own age and treating my wife like shit - I can’t seem to show them the love I really do feel for them. Instead, I treat them like obligations and obstacles in my way?”

“Why am I playing so small in business and refusing to take the necessary action to level the fuck up.”

Here's the Harsh Reality:

Your Results Are YOUR Fault...

...and No One Is Coming to Save You.

Anyone Who Attempt to Tell You Otherwise, INCLUDING Yourself?


See, Your Results - NO MATTER WHAT THEY ARE - Were Created By None Other Than YOU, and It's Time You OWN It ALL...

...the Good, the Bad, the Ugly, AND the Great.

Because It's Required to Set Yourself FREE to PIVOT and Unlock the Power Necessary to Produce Bigger Results, Find Purpose In Your Profits, and Ultimately Expand Your Marriage, Business & Life. RISE As a Powerful LEADER for Yourself, For Your Family, For Your Teams, For Your Clients, and For Your Marketplace.


Let's face it.

One of the greatest challenges we face as men today is balancing business with marriage, with kids, with life, with health...and beyond. 

You're Bored, Bleeding, Burned out, or even Broken down.

Unifying your life is the struggle, never quite being able to put it all together. 

Juggling the chaos.

And, YES!

We live in unprecedented times today...

...with Pandemics & Riots, Imploding Markets & Businesses, Divorce Rates Running Rampant, Fake News & Filtered Social Media, Obesity & Drug Abuse, Severe Lack of Responsibility & Ownership, plus so many more issues...

The Levels of Chaos, Stress & Confusion we face today as businessmen, husbands and fathers have never been experienced in our lifetime...

...and Access to Certainty, Clarity, Courage & Confidence is SCARCE.

No wonder why most men...

 Escape with Alcohol, Pills, Food, and Even Fitness.

 Sedate with Netflix, Porn, and Social Media.

 Attack, Blame, and Persecute Others.

...because it's EASY!

But I'm NOT Going to Bullshit You, or Sugar-coat the Truth...

One of the Manipulative TRICKS marketers and more have used against you for decades is the phrase "It's not your fault..."

Helping you feel better about where you're at, your circumstances, and the lack of results you have inside your Marriage, Business and Life...

(...while at the same time discrediting you of your accomplishments...)

As if it's anyone else's fault that YOU Make the Conscious DECISION to NOT Do what you know you must to CHANGE Your Status Quo, and CREATE the Results You Desire...?


That you get it done, and Enjoy the FRUITS of Your Labor...?

See, YOUR Decisions?


(...and NOTHING Comes for Free...)

So as much as I get it,

BLAMING the Epidemic, the Economy, the President, the Government...

...or Your Wife, Your Children, Your Teams, Your Competition...

...or Even GOD?

None of that will EVER help you get the results you ultimately desire.

ESPECIALLY in times we live in today, with the Rising Pressure, Problems, Challenges and Chaos we all face...

Which All DEMANDS You... RISE As a Powerful LEADER for Yourself, For Your Family, For Your Teams, For Your Clients, and For Your Marketplace. Be RUTHLESSLY Committed to DO the Work REQUIRED to Ultimately CREATE the Results You Desire. Take ACTION On the Opportunities We Are BLESSED to Have Today. Stop Making Bullshit Excuses, and Take Radical OWNERSHIP & Responsibility of Who You Show Up to Be - and ALL of Your Results.

You Owe It To Yourself to

RISE with the 30-Day

Because...If your methods don't change your results will never change either ...


I don't say this lightly. It would be devastating for you to ignore the urgency of this moment.

The world is rapidly shifting in real time, and Your Wife, Your Children, Your Teams and Your Clients are Looking to YOU to Powerfully Lead with Certainty.

So right now you must make a decision to let me help you PIVOT, and RISE above the noise, shatter your limiting beliefs, and set yourself free to...

...Create and Experience Life with MORE Power, MORE Profits, and MORE Purpose Leveraging the Cutting Edge Weapons of the Warrior's Way.

During the 30-Day Forex Profits Challenge, I Will...

 Show You How to Leverage a Cutting Edge Weapon used daily by myself and thousands of businessmen just like you to Master & Shift Your Mind So You Can PIVOT On-Demand, Gain Unwavering Certainty, Connect with Your Purpose, Make Powerful Course-Corrections and Life-altering Decisions with Confidence, and Accelerate the Expansion of YOU!

 Help you IDENTIFY and SHATTER Your Biggest Limiting Beliefs, Lies, Perspectives and Stories currently holding you hostage...

 Teach you How to Systematically Increase Your Capacity to DO What Is REQUIRED In Business, Your Marriage and Your Life...

...and How to Continuously Make Exponential PROGRESS In Body, Being, Balance and Business all at the same time Leveraging the Warrior's Way System to HAVING IT ALL!

 I'll even give you access during the challenge to some of our Power Tools (we call them WEAPONS) that I've spent years of vigorous research & millions in testing building to give you an arsenal of Simple, Yet Groundbreaking Weapons that will accelerate your 4 Week Journey with me, and beyond.

The Warrior's Way System, and our Weapons, are used by thousands across the globe to sky-rocket their businesses, re-ignite relationships, get ripped & find unwavering certainty. 

It's a Science, and it'll work whether you're a millionaire looking for his next edge, or a man who needs a fresh kickstart.

During the Challenge, you'll learn how to Unlock Result-Driven Perspectives, Access More Power, Increase Your Production...

...Create Bigger Profits, and Find Purpose in your sex life, bank account, fitness, confidence, relationships, leadership and more through a series of finely-crafted 30 days. 

Each day adds exponential momentum through a daily protocol that takes you no more than 1 hour to complete.

In short,

If you invest 1 hour of your life every day during Your 30 Days WAKE UP WARRIOR Challenge Experience, I'll help you Weaponize Yourself to Ultimately Gain the Unfair Advantage of Having the Power to PIVOT On-Demand, and Accelerate the Next Decade of Your Life...

This All Comes Down To TWO Factors...


Your Wife's Waiting for you to figure it out.

Your Children are waiting for you to figure it out.

Your Teams are waiting for you to figure it out.

Your Clients are waiting for you to figure it out.

YOU are waiting for yourself to figure it out.

To figure out what?

How to DO what you MUST DO!

Today's challenge is there's an ever-alarming, accelerating panic that's starting to cause paralysis in production for many men because they continue not to do what they know they must do!

This reality has women panicking. They're panicking because their husbands continue not to do what is required to care for their emotional, spiritual, and physical needs.

Your target daily is simple: Align your perspective with what you want and then access the power to do it...

...and then the most critical aspect of all?


If you can't do that, it doesn't matter how powerful your view of the world, or your capacity to get it done...

Because if you DON'T? Your results will still suck ass.

During the Wake Up Warrior Challenge, I will guide you to master the Weapons of Perspective (THE STACK) and Power (THE CORE) and show you how to unify them in production daily.

I will teach you How to Weaponize Your Certainty, Your Power, and Your Radical Production in a way that allows you to create a world of your purest desire!


Your results are your fault. 

The “Good” Ones. 

The “Bad” Ones. 

The “Desired” Ones. 

The “Not So Desired” Ones. 

They are all your fault, and that is excellent news, brother.

Here's why: If your results were someone else's fault, then there would be no way to reproduce them, create bigger results, or create new ones for the first time unless someone else was willing to "Save You!" 

But you don't need to be saved. 

You must simply learn how to vigorously focus on the results you want, and eliminate those you don't want.

Simple? Yes, but that doesn't mean it's easy.

During the Wake Up Warrior Challenge, I will guide you to a level of mastery around the mindset and skillsets required to commit to this way of living forever. 

No more getting stuck in the "Reasons" for why you have or don't have the results you want...

Instead you'll know exactly how to scientifically peel back the "Miracle" of Having It All in Body, Being, Balance & Business. 

Your Results are all that matter, and there is no amount of positivity or motivation you can consume that can overwrite a reality for results in your world today. 

During the Wake Up Warrior challenge, I will show you How to "Win the Impossible Game" of Collapsing Results that would have usually taken 12 months into just 30-60 days.

Why do you do what you do?

Most men invest little to no time investigating this simple question at any level, yet once you have the Perspective, Power, Production, and Profits, you will begin to ask the most challenging question.

Why do I even care?

Every successful man who has arrived at Wake Up Warrior's gates since 2012 has had to fight hard for the answer, and men who have been able to Clarify their Purpose?

They have Accessed a Level of Clarity, Certainty, Confidence and Courage that Births a COMMITMENT that otherwise does not exist.

So one of our primary and final experiences during the Wake Up Warrior challenge will involve helping you answer this question for yourself.

For many men, this conversation of Purpose in the past has not been practical.

During your challenge experience, you will practically come to find the access point to a direct connection to THE VOICE, or the HIGHER POWER inside your life that some call GOD. 

Without this final aspect, all of your work before this quickly becomes worthless, and can quickly leave you abandoned, lost, and confused if you're not careful. 

You can look at Purpose as the glue that holds your Perspective, Power, Production, and Profit together in both the short term AND the long term... that this challenge is not just a 30-Day challenge, but a SHIFT and a PIVOTAL, Transformational Experience that Births In YOU a LASTING Change in the Way You 1) SEE, and 2) LIVE Life Forever!

Skeptical? Check Out the Indisputable PROOF & Results Created For Just SOME of our clients

Here's Everything You Get With My One Of A Kind Service

 Done for you trading

It's Time to Get Off the Sidelines.


Questions Clients Ask

Do You Have a Live Trading Account I Can Track ?
Yes our trading account is 3rd party vertified by Myfxbook you can see our live account and stats by clicking here now 
How Exactly Does The Service Work ? 
How it works is very straightforward the software you receive upon signing up is connected to your MT4/MT5 platform which through the software is connecetd to my trading account, so when place a trade it is instantly copied to your account. 
I'm Not Very Tech Friendly Is It Difficult To Setup ?
Do not worry it is very easy to setup and if you have a VPS (recommended) we will set the whole thing up for you. 
Can I Lose My Full Investment ?
The short answer NO. We use strict money management, all our trades have stop losses we never use martingale tactics. We consult with you first on your own personal risk appetite and tell you the max drawdown based our years of data you can expect with your risk settings. We are professionals we track everything and make sure your account is safe using stop losses and by not using martingale tactics thus ensures you will not lose your full investment.
How Many Trades Will I Recieve Per Week ?
You will recieve anywhere from 5 to 15 trades per week depending on market conditions. We are professional so will only every enter the market when it is most favorable to do so.
What is the Win Ratio for Your Trading Method ?
The win ratio for our system is around 70% but can be a lot higher, yes you will find signal providers out there saying they have a 90% win ratio upon further inspection you will find this is just a sales tactic.
Do You Use Stop Losses On Your Trades ?
A big Yes all the trades placed have a stop loss and a take profit target. We make sure our stops are not placed in common areas that are likely to get taken out by brokers and stop hunters ( a common mistake made by retail traders is placing stops in text book areas)
Can I cancel at anytime ?
You can cancel at anytime no questions asked. - All Rights Reserved @ 2022
HIGH RISK WARNING: Foreign exchange trading carries a high level of risk that may not be suitable for all investors. Leverage creates additional risk and loss exposure. Before you decide to trade foreign exchange, carefully consider your investment objectives, experience level, and risk tolerance. You could lose some or all of your initial investment; do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Educate yourself on the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial or tax advisor if you have any questions. Any data and information is provided ‘as is’ solely for informational purposes, and is not intended for trading purposes or advice. Past performance does not equal future performance.

It's Time to Get Off the Sidelines.


Frequently Asked Questions

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